Monday, July 15, 2013

They're Back!

Today marks the return of most Hostess snacks.  This time, I'm not going to make the box of Ding Dongs last four months.  They got pretty stale near the end.  I can also recycle the last Ding Dong wrapper I was keeping on my nightstand as a memento, in case they never came back.

Trying to find the exact date of availability, I went to the most reliable source I could think of: the guy who does the ordering for my local 7-Eleven.  He said that today is the beginning distribution date.  In reality, it will be a week or so before we actually see them on store shelves.  It's just as well, because I have a dentist appointment tomorrow.  I'm still going to be checking back on a regular basis.

Food has a strong power over us.  I hardly ever buy Ding Dongs, but the thought of never having them again was devastating.  Imagine life without Mac 'n' Cheese, pizza, or hot dogs.  I don't go to McDonald's very often, but it would be shocking if it disappeared.  Some things are just too firmly ingrained in our culture and experiences to go away, especially when food is involved.

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