Sunday, July 21, 2013

"Bon" Voyage

I reluctantly let my subscription to Bon Appetit expire.  I did it for the same reason I did not renew Smithsonian Magazine, even though I liked the idea of supporting the Smithsonian.  The new Editors for both magazines decided to make them too trendy and "modern".  In the process, they eliminated many of the features that drew me to the magazines in the first place.

Perhaps many readers like the changes.  I didn't like the new layout of BA, which forced me to flip through 12 pages of ads before any content appeared.  And they focused too much on restaurants and the experiences of eating out, instead of ways to bring that elegance and creativity into the home.  I'll probably pick up an issue once in a while if the cover looks good, but not every month.

One thing this decision does for me, cooking-wise, is open me up to new magazines and cooking experiences.  I can use the magazine part of my monthly budget to explore new ideas and ways of cooking.  I won't be getting any gluten-free or raw foods magazines, but there are dozens of food magazines out there.  I'm sure something will catch my eye.  I almost picked up one on canning, but it was $10.  I don't can that much.

If anyone has a favorite food magazine they think I should give a try, please speak up!

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