Saturday, March 4, 2017

Part X : Presentation

It has been a very long time since I've changed topics.  Since I'm always learning, I'm always finding new things to share.

Part of culinary arts - a big part - is an exciting presentation.  Anyone can throw food on a plate.  Think of what your meal looks like when you sit down after loading up at a buffet, or even serving yourself from the items on the table at home.  Then think about a meal presented by a server.  Even a cheap diner will make some kind of effort.  Granted, an expensive restaurant will have a more elevated level of presentation.

Right now, I'm driving down to San Diego to board a weeklong cruise.  (Don't worry; I wrote this ahead of time.)  Assuming cruise ships aren't declared enemy combatants in the next week - odder things have happened recently - I'll have plenty of photos when I get back of elegantly arranged food and decorative elements.

I'm not taking photos of every meal.  I really hate when people Instagram everything they eat.  Plus, I'm not taking my computer and the memory card would fill up.  I'm going to photograph things that anyone can do without much added time and expense that will make a meal look professional.

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