Tuesday, July 9, 2013

A Perfect Summer Meal

As it gets hotter, large oven-based cooking projects tend to lose their appeal.  So, who said you have to serve a hot dinner?  It may come as a shock to the diners, but they're going to end up really enjoying the result.  Done properly, this could even work for a dinner party.

Course one is a simple green salad with a choice of dressings and a slice of bread.  Don't let everyone fill up on the bread, because there will be more carbs in the next course.

The main course is cheese.  I chose a brie, but you could do a selection of two or three in small portions, no more than an ounce each per person.  Crackers or more bread can go with it and some fruit like apple slices and/or grapes.  If serving a wine, now would be a good time to refill the glasses.

Dessert should be something cool like ice cream, jello, or pudding.

This doesn't sound like it would be filling for a dinner, but eaten slowly on the porch as the sun goes down, it goes a long way toward making a summer memory.

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