Thursday, July 22, 2010


I wish I'd brought a camera. I got everything off the floor of the pantry today! Still need one extra shelf under the built-in ones, but there is nothing on the floor itself.

Scrubbing the floor and lower part of the walls was an adventure. I don't think they've been cleaned since the linoleum was put in many years ago. One spider was especially upset with me. I scrubbed one plastic shelf to put back in. Food was being kept on it?!? The only thing on it now is cat food and FoodSaver rolls. And I got a lot of cat food to take home that Dad's cats don't eat now that they're on a special diet. I'll keep the dry for Molly and give the canned to my friend who feeds the neighborhood strays.

All the food-bearing shelves are still pretty full. Dad brought down a lot of food from the house up north (including more pimientos!), but most of it was long expired. At least it's trash day. I tossed a few more things without expiration dates if they looked like they had been there too long.

My next goal is to clear enough space to scrub the shelves themselves. That won't be for a while. It isn't disgusting, but when you have cats in the house, fur manages to get on everything, even cans in a closed pantry.

I'll bring my camera next week for a pictorial update.

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