Friday, June 30, 2017

Fruit Syrup Soda

On one of my canning days, I made some jellies that didn't set up.  No problem, I just renamed them "syrup".  You can use them to garnish desserts, as sweet dips, stirred into plain yogurt, and to flavor drinks.

So I bought a liter of sparkling water and cracked open a strawberry-lavender.  Mmm, strawberry-lavender soda.  Way better than a Shirley Temple because you made the syrup yourself.

1 Tb failed jelly, or good jelly that has been microwaved until liquid
8 oz unflavored sparkling water

1.  In a tall glass, stir together syrup and water.  Add several ice cubes.  Stir and enjoy.

Difficulty rating  π

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