Sunday, February 26, 2017

Cranberry-Yogurt Dressing

Hey, I found something Google doesn't have yet!  I really thought that was impossible.

After a bit of menu evolution, I decided to make a harvest salad of shredded chicken, roasted rainbow carrots, candied walnuts, chopped dates, and greens from the garden.  The purpose of this salad was to use a 4 oz jar of cranberry sauce.  I also happened to have nearly a quart of (not Greek) plain yogurt that I had bought for breakfasts before I decided to make something else.

So, all the cranberry salad dressing recipes online are either vinaigrettes or use cream cheese as the thickener.  I'm sure they taste great, but that wasn't what I wanted to make.  I used their flavor profiles as a guideline and struck out on my own.  What I ended up with reminded me of a creamy raspberry dressing and was pretty much what I had in mind.  You could even thin it out with more yogurt into a smoothie, but there might be too much of a vinegar tang to drink it straight.

This recipe also works great when you have just a little bit of cranberry sauce left over after Thanksgiving and are so stuffed that all you want is a light salad.

*1/2 C cranberry sauce (can be whole or jellied)
1 Tb white wine vinegar
*1/2 C plain yogurt
1/8 tsp dried rosemary
dash salt

1.  Put everything in the blender.

2.  Run until smooth.

3.  Chill until ready to use.

Makes about 1 cup

Difficulty rating  π

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