Tuesday, February 14, 2017

The Seed Tray

Some of my greens are starting to bolt, so I decided to start new ones inside in the hopes they will be ready to transplant around the time I pull the old ones.  There's also the annoying problem of the mailman stepping on the spinach line of my front yard lettuces.  I need a short fence; the little ID sticks are apparently not hint enough.

I'm not worried about the arugula.  That stuff grows as well as a weed.  It's the more delicate items like parsley, cress, and my ever-failing spinach that need help.  I'm also doing the catnip indoors because it's a relative of mint, so I won't put it in the ground.  I'll find it a pot eventually.

I'm disappointed in the cilantro seeds.  After two plantings, both the original batch and the ones I harvested from last year's plants have failed to sprout.  I'll give it one more chance before dumping the harvested ones in the coriander seed spice container for use in broths and brines.  I'm already thinking of buying a brisket for corned beef.  I still have some canned Oktoberfest mustard and kohlrabi relish to have with it.  Actually, I have a lot of preserves, period.  I was thinking of making some new jams, but I really need to finish off last year's first.

It does seem silly to start anything inside in such a warm climate zone, but it's about having enough space.  This helps me to rotate, like buying seedlings at the nursery, but you save a little money by doing the seed packs.

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