Tuesday, April 25, 2017

A New Coat of Paint

When I did my annual clearing out the pantry for Passover, I decided to strip off the old shelf paper and reline everything.  That's when I found out that adhesive contact paper isn't really used anymore.  All I could find was clear or really ugly, so I got padded non-stick liners instead.

Then I stripped off the old paper and found all kinds of horrors underneath.  I don't know if it was mold, syrup, or general rot, but it was scary.  I was in there so long, scrubbing with various chemicals, that the condition of the pantry walls and shelves started to bother me more than usual.  I don't know how many decades it has been since it was painted, and it was a pretty bad job then.

So I've decided to paint the pantry.  I have lots of paint left from various projects, including the adjacent laundry room.  Palest blue refreshed the whole south side of the house and goes with the kitchen.  I also have enough semi-gloss for the shelves and woodwork.
After cleaning.  Need to scrub it again.
Yes, it is going to be cramped in there, but I'm a very small person.  I did my bedroom closet, and parts of that weren't any wider.  The biggest problem is that the shelves were nailed in with thin nails instead of modern wide screws.  I'm not going to be able to take them out, do the painting, and re-install them.  Time to find out just how small I am.

I am not trying to do this in one day, or even two.  This is the only time I'm ever going to paint it, and I plan to do a proper job.  At least this is the time of year when I have the least pantry inventory.  I managed to get everything that is opened into two boxes, which I can stash in the pantry any time the walls or shelves aren't wet.  There are things which can go in the fridge or freezer that I normally don't put in there, like vinegars.  The cat food bucket will go in the pantry every night no matter what.  It isn't like everything is going to be in the hall for two weeks.

I'm also going to change the light bulb.  Yellow?

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