Monday, January 30, 2017

Herb-Steaming Fish

This isn't really a recipe, just a cooking technique.  There isn't anything to measure and minimal ingredients to buy.

I had some dental work done and decided to have fish as something soft I wouldn't really have to chew.  I got a couple of rockfish fillets and was considering how to poach them, when I hit on this idea and went out back to cut some celery.

I made a bed of celery, including the leaves, at the bottom of a skillet.  In went the juice of half a lemon, about a cup of water, and a couple of tablespoons of gin (I didn't have any white wine).  I put a lid on it and got the mixture simmering, then turned down the heat to low.
When the pan was hot, I carefully set the fillets on the celery ribs and closed the lid.  About three minutes later, I took off the lid just long enough to flip the fish to do the other side.  About five minutes after that, I was satisfied that it was cooked through.

The fillets were fall-apart tender and aromatic without being spicy.  I flavored them with some kind of new dill paste I had gotten for free.  I know the promo was so you would decide you love the brand and would buy it in the future.  It's kind of a meh product, and I could have sprinkled dried dill into the water for the same effect.  Still, not a bad dinner.

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