Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Change in Tactics

My schedule at work changed drastically.  I have all closing shifts for at least three weeks.  In addition to not being a fan of later shifts, it alters how I cook and shop.  On the other hand, it brings me more in line with the rest of America.

My culinary energies have been focused on balanced breakfasts and the occasional quick, early lunch as I head out the door if it's only a half-day afternoon shift.  Dinner has to be easy or made in the morning to reheat, so I'm not temped to pick up something on the way home.  I'm taking snacks to work like granola or a meal-supplement drink so I don't grab an expired pastry at the end of the day.  And grocery shopping can be done in the morning before work, not on the way home at mid-day.  Or, I can shop for the whole week on one of my days off.  Yes, I'm now more like normal people who don't have every afternoon off to prepare dinner.

The real trick for me is to stay out of the drive-thru.  I had one meal at KFC last week and actually put on a pound.  Two days of hydration and normal eating got rid of it without any hunger.  I'm going on a cruise in two months and this is telling me that I'm going to have to be careful if I plan for my clothes to fit at the end of that week.  After 40, it's also a lot harder to lose vacation weight.  If I make good choices and don't pressure myself to finish everything on my plate, I'll only have to lose water weight from the extra salt my body isn't used to.  It's all about portion control.

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