Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Lavender Salt

I don't have a "condiments" label, mainly because I haven't gotten around to posting a recipe for tomato ketchup yet.  I also want to make mustard from scratch eventually.

One thing you can do to amp up savory dishes is to pre-flavor the salt.  All those zillion specialty salts you see in the market aren't any harder to make than what I'm about to show you here.  I'm using lavender because you're never going to find a lavender salt on a market shelf, but there's no reason you can't sub in rosemary, sage, dill, or most of the herbs you have in the spice cabinet.

This idea came courtesy of a link on Food in Jars to Living Homegrown.  The page has many ideas of recipe enhancements using lavender.  As the page points out, you can use fresh herbs to make flavored salts as well as dried because the salt will dry them.

1/4 C kosher salt
*1 generous teaspoon culinary lavender, fresh or dried

1.  Combine salt and lavender.

2.  Put in a 4 oz container and seal.

3.  Shake once a month or so to reduce clumping.

4.  Sprinkle into dishes as you would any salt: stew, soups, on fish, lamb, whatever you think could use a hint of lavender with its salt.

Makes 1/4 C

Difficulty rating  π

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