Saturday, October 18, 2014

One Little Tomatillo

Tommy must have heard me thinking about tearing him out in favor of something that actually produces.  When I went out to pick a tomato that afternoon, I found several tomatillo husks.  The fruit inside them was the size of peas, but it was enough improvement for me to let him live a while longer.  I did have to rip out Kale.  She had some kind of bug infestation and most of the leaves had died.  I still have kale ribs in my freezer's broth bag, so she may make a contribution to Thanksgiving from beyond the compost pile.
Wow, washing them a lot makes your hands look old.
A week later, only one husk had a sizable fruit in it, and that size was smaller than my cherry tomatoes. What am I supposed to do with one little tomatillo?  I guess it can be a garnish on one serving of something.  I'll probably buy several more in order to make it an ingredient, totally defeating the purpose of growing the plant.

Even with the success of the pumpkins, this year's gardening effort was nowhere near profitable.  Guess I'll try again next year.

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