Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Individual Dip Cups

I have solved the issue of double-dipping!  You can have a cocktail hour in December without the fear of spreading the flu.  It takes about ten minutes longer than simply making a dip and pouring it into a bowl, but the presentation makes a much greater effect and all but eliminates the spread of germs.

I used some glass bowls I have for the photo because I didn't want to go back out, but Party City has an impressive array of plasticware for "tasting parties".  I've never done one.  It seems like an awful lot of work that you reserve for foodie friends who truly appreciate the effort.  I don't have many of those.  The cups and bowls are mostly in the 2-ounce range, and the prices are quite reasonable.  Smart & Final also carries a variety of containers, including the little salad dressing cups you get at takeout.  You can make up a couple of trays of these little cups and bring them out whenever the need arises.  This also reduces the chance of serving warm and possibly hazardous dip that has been sitting out too long.

This idea also lets you get a little creative with presentation.  I garnished a 6-layer dip!  I also used fresh lime juice for the guacamole layer and really liked the result.  The sour cream is actually plain Greek yogurt, which I use frequently as a substitute.

For non-layered dips, a fast way to fill the small cups would be with a pastry bag or ziplock with the corner snipped off.  Again, it's the presentation.  There's no reason onion mix-and-sour cream dip on football night can't be an event.  It may even reduce the number of calories consumed, as you watch the stack of cups on the coffee table grow.  Dips are bad for diets because you have no idea how much you've had.  Individual cups may give dieters the freedom to enjoy what they otherwise might have passed on because they can now see the portion size.

I am definitely doing this the next time I put out dip.  A few extra minutes and a couple of dollars for the cups is worth it to keep your guests healthy.

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