Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Pond Garden

There's a fountain pond in the back yard that is harder and more expensive to maintain than I thought.  I liked the area better when it was a mini-garden and don't know why my parents put in the thing.  The pond guy recommended that, if I was not in love with it, a cheaper solution is to re-landscape it into a garden.  That way, a future buyer could take it upon themselves to excavate it, fix the pump, replace the torn liner, and turn it back into a pond, and I don't have to rip out the plumbing and electrical to remove the whole thing.

Instantly, visions of a 4x6 vegetable garden sprang into my mind.  And when that fails, I'm sure I can plant something foolproof for the rest of the year, until I manage to kill that, too.  The only downside is that I'll have to water it manually, since the sprinklers in that corner of the yard were removed when the pond was installed.

My handyman offered to do the project for me and the gardener will probably want to help, but this is something I know I can do by myself.  I am perfectly capable of punching holes in plastic and filling the basin with dirt.  Besides, I have several packets of Miracle-Gro samples from visiting the Rose Parade floats.  I can make something happen.

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