Friday, April 1, 2011

Part IV: The Readers Hath Spoken

All right, you carnivorous pastry-lovers. I've seen the poll results, and you're apparently all off your New Year's diets - except for the first voter, who wanted to see more in the healthy category.

The reason I haven't posted many meat recipes so far is that I kind of take meat for granted. You season it, stick it in the oven, and eat it when it's done. I prefer to concentrate on side dishes, which are often overlooked in meal planning. It's easy to boil up some rice and microwave veggies, and call it a balanced meal. Most home cooks don't want to take time to make something complex unless it's the star item on the plate.

Now, as for baked goods, you'd be getting that anyway, no matter how the voting went. I'm a baker!

So, for a while at least, I will endeavor to show more entrées.  Hope you enjoy them.

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