Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Three Shelves

I feel like I have reached a major milestone in the Pantry Project.
As a reminder, this is what it looked like when I started.

Today, I got it down to three shelves.

Not only that, but I scrubbed each shelf and the walls around it, plus wiped (and in a few cases, washed) all the cans and jars I put back. I discovered that the "shelf paper" on the upper two shelves was actually wrapping paper that had been taped down. The now-empty shelves are not currently holding anything, so I just washed them and I'll reline them whenever I need to use that space.

Yes, there are some things on the floor now, but that was intentional. We moved the wine rack and the case of wines that don't fit on the rack from the closet down the hall into the empty space below the bottom shelf. This means I got something off the floor of another closet. The important thing is that no food products are being stored in an unsanitary place.

The vertical shots I've been taking of the pantry do not really show how wide it is. It's almost twice as wide as the doorway. Now that there are only three shelves, I can get a horizontal shot of most of it. Imagine about six inches on each side of the shot.

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