Thursday, September 16, 2010


Two months into The Pantry Project, I admit I'm getting tired of it. What started out as a challenge and a way to experiment with foods I don't often eat has become almost a burden. So, I'm cheating.

When this started, I donated as much food as I felt was reasonable. Since then, I have discovered more items and triple-checked the expiration dates on others. My temple is having a food drive for Yom Kippur, and I'm taking just about everything in its original packaging with a valid expiration date. Keeping some gravy and cranberry sauce for November, but even the last few jars of pimientos are going in. What are people who need to go to a food pantry going to do with pimientos? Any unopened boxes of tea are in the donation, even if I like that kind. Three bags of noodles and one bag of rotelli pasta. The rest of the olives and the last jar of mushrooms. Two boxes of Rice-a-Roni. One Angel Food cake mix. And many assorted items. The most useful donation is a can of black beans. I wanted to use it myself, but it is a huge can, over six servings. I am certain there is a family who can use that in one meal.

This does not mean that the Project is over. I had to pick up a new can opener because mine has had it. There's still two opened packages of macaroni (more mac & cheese for me this week), three opened packages of noodles, brown rice, walnuts, baking chocolate, and several cans of veggies that I know how I'm going to use. This doesn't include sauces and other less-perishable items that I can use at my leisure without worrying about them going bad.

I want to be done with this in time for baking season. Then you'll get to see how I really cook.

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