Monday, May 22, 2017

Wasabi-Iced Sugar Cookies

I recently came into possession of slightly over a pound of wasabi powder, so expect crazy things from me using wasabi as an ingredient.

Most "wasabi" sold in markets in the US is actually colored common horseradish treated to taste like wasabi.  Like "turkey ham", Bac-os, or fake crab.  (PS: most fake bacon bits are vegan and kosher.)  Americans can't tell the difference, but it's a whole lot cheaper than the real thing.  If you insist on true wasabi, go to an Asian market and ask the grocer.  It's going to cost significantly more.

I didn't like wasabi growing up.  A lot of kids don't.  I only got used to it when hot and spicy foods became an everyday thing and I discovered I was allergic to them.  When horseradish became my alternative spice, I learned to appreciate wasabi.  Still, there has to be a balance so the spice adds to the taste and experience and doesn't merely clear out the sinuses.

And that's where combining wasabi powder and sugar comes in.  It really isn't unheard-of to have a spicy cookie.  Ginger snaps can be quite strong.  Actually, they would taste great with this icing.  The color combination wouldn't work, though.  Maybe replace part of the ginger in the cookie dough with wasabi powder, then ice as normal.

The cookies in the photo were from a mix.  For a better recipe, I do have one for sugar cookies on this site.  Here's the icing:

1 C powdered sugar
*1 tsp wasabi powder
milk as needed

1.  While cookies are in the oven, stir together powdered sugar and wasabi powder.

2.  Add milk 1 tsp at a time, until desired consistency is reached.  Go slowly.  You may think the icing is too thick, then it will thin out after sitting a minute.  Do not go by the taste to judge how strong the wasabi flavor is.  It will get stronger over time.
3.  Once cookies are cooled, ice one and let it dry a bit.  (Keep stirring the icing in the bowl every few minutes to keep it soft.)  Taste and decide if you need more wasabi or more sugar to create the balance you want.  Then ice the rest of the cookies.

Makes enough to ice about 18 two-bite cookies thinly

Difficulty rating  π

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