Monday, October 24, 2016

The Year-Old Turkey

No new recipes this time because I had a slight epiphany.  They were clearing out the freezer bins at the market to make room for the turkeys and I realized I still had a pound of last year's in the freezer at home.

This pound is from the small turkey I bought early last November when I wasn't sure who was hosting Thanksgiving.  Then I was invited out, so Tom languished at the bottom of the chest freezer for over six months.  I finally got around to deboning and roasting him, I think in June.  That gave me about six pounds of usable meat, four or five of which ended up frozen.

Some of it went into turkey tetrazzini.  Some turned into sandwiches.  Some was just sliced and eaten with sides to use up the cranberry sauce I made way too much of two years ago.  And my new favorite, the yam toasts.

So, what I've learned from this yearlong odyssey is that I don't really eat much turkey.  And it's not simply the roasting process that's a turn-off, because I've had four months to finish the leftovers.  I need to think about that before I buy another simply because it's cheap.  I already know I'm not hosting Thanksgiving this year.

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