Sunday, September 4, 2016

Summer Reruns

No new recipes this week, and possibly none for a few more days.  I decided to use up some more things hanging out in the pantry and freezer, to make way for some seasonal things that are going to be on sale soon.
I finally got a decent tahdig on Persian rice.  I think I was making it too thick.  You really should just make enough to barely coat the bottom of the pan.  Less is more.  I also used a different pan.  I had that with some keftas and peas with carrots from the garden.
After that, I had turkey and swiss sandwiches with fig mustard.  The salad was some fresh spinach with oven-dried tomatoes, pickled watermelon rind, and some sage flavored pumpkin seeds.  Yes, I still have a little bit from two years ago, and two ripe pumpkins on the vines.  There's also a handful of candied ones from last year's Halloween pumpkin.
Next up will be harvesting the pumpkins in a couple of days, then deciding what to make with them.  I also discovered a new cucumber hiding under a leaf.  Too bad it wasn't in time to make it on this salad.

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