Thursday, March 17, 2016

The Most Beautiful Carrot

After the ugly carrot debacle in the front planter, I really did not have much hope for the ones in the Pond.  I decided to pick the first one of the batch for tuna salad, since I was only making two servings and it didn't matter if it was a small and gnarly carrot.
What came out of the ground was gorgeous.  There was a little nibbling at the bottom by some kind of bug that I cut off, but the rest looked like something cast in fiberglass for a theme park decoration.  There weren't even many root fibers to peel off.  It was just better than anything I had ever seen in the market.

I'm really feeling better about my gardening ability after that.  My first round of beets is almost ready to pull.  I started some celery in the front pot, but those take three or four months.  I'm starting more beets inside so they'll be ready to transplant when the first round is done.  The basil are getting their first real leaves.  And of course, I'm finding every excuse to use the salad greens.  It's still too early to use the kale, but she's growing well.

Oh, and the carrot tasted great.

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