Saturday, August 22, 2015


Even though the corn stalks are only knee-high, they started flowering right on cue.  I'm really hoping this doesn't turn into another disaster.  I'm giving them plenty of water and nutrients and taking pest control seriously.  Even if the ears are small, I'd really like a successful corn crop.  The cucumber isn't complaining.

The eggplant crop isn't a problem.  Finding people who want it is.  I'm probably going to end up cooking a lot of them and freezing the mash to use later in baba gannouj and casseroles.  I used three with a package of ground veal on clearance and the last of the Bradley marinara to make the stacked parmigiana.  There was also a batch of eggplant and lentil dip, which made a light side for some poached salmon.  The bush itself is healthy and very pretty.  I would like it even if it was only a decoration.  The same spider/ticks that killed Kale found it, which makes sense because it's in the same place.  I'm taking care of those the second I see one.

The carrots keep getting nibbled on by tomato worms.  As if keeping them off the tomatoes weren't hard enough!  I'm going to guess they're ready when the corn is.  I'm used to seeing my produce above ground.  Nothing from the sweet pepper seeds I planted last week where some carrots never sprouted.  Considering I may not be able to eat them, it's not such a loss.  Once that planter's experiments are over, I'll let the boysenberry run wild.  It's mad at me for training it in a cramped space.  All I can think of is how many berries I might get next year!

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