Monday, June 2, 2014

Frozen Banana Mocha

I make these at work all the time with our super-powered blender.  It started one day when I thought I'd make myself a chocolate-banana shake, then decided I also needed some caffeine.  The result was pretty awesome.  It can also count as breakfast on a hot day when you are running late and need something you can have in the car.  (What, no, I'd never do that.  All of my breakfasts are nutritionally balanced.)

2 C ice cubes
1/2 C whole milk
1/2 C strong coffee or espresso
2 Tb chocolate syrup
*1 very ripe banana

1.  Place ice cubes in blender.

2.  Add remaining ingredients.

3.  Purée until banana is blended and ice has broken down, about 30 seconds.

4.  Pour into glasses, top with whipped cream if desired, and enjoy.

Makes about two 12 oz servings

Difficulty rating  π

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