Monday, November 25, 2013

Pumpkin Waffles

I have five cups of pumpkin purée.  This was bound to happen.  There is actually a blog devoted to nothing but perfecting a recipe for pumpkin waffles.  Someone really likes them.

This recipe is more complex than most waffle recipes.  It involves a third bowl for whipping the egg whites.  You end up doing a lot more breakfast dishes than you want to, but the whole house smells like Thanksgiving for at least a day.

For topping, I recommend a good butter syrup and whipped cream.  Some toasted walnuts would be great on it.  You get just enough pumpkin flavor to be happy without it being overwhelming.

1/4 C brown sugar
*3 Tb cornstarch
1-1/4 C flour
*1-1/2 tsp baking powder
1/2 tsp salt
*2 tsp cinnamon
*2 tsp ginger
*1/4 tsp cloves
*1/4 tsp nutmeg
2 eggs, separated
1 C milk
1 C pumpkin purée
1/4 C unsalted butter, melted

1.  In a medium bowl, combine brown sugar and cornstarch evenly.  Add flour, baking  powder, and all the spices.  Combine until uniform.

2.  Start whipping egg whites in stand mixer until firm peaks form.  While that's going on, combine pumpkin, milk, egg yolks, and butter.  When the butter cools, it's going to clump up slightly.

3.  Oil waffle iron and start preheating it.  I used a round Belgian Waffle maker.

4.  Stir together wet and dry ingredients.  A few lumps are okay, because you're going to be folding in the egg whites next.

5.  Fold egg whites into batter.  Combine until uniform.  Pour onto center of griddle until it covers the middle half.  Close iron and let cook until almost no steam comes from the waffle.  For extra crispy, leave on another minute.  Repeat.  I did not have to re-oil between waffles, but mine has a good teflon coat.  The original recipe says it makes four. I got 4-3/4, but I was being a bit stingy with the batter so it wouldn't run off the edge.

6.  Serve hot with toppings of choice.

Difficulty rating  :)

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