Friday, November 1, 2013

NaNo 2013

That book I was going to rewrite last year?  It got derailed when my computer died in January.  Still haven't gotten past page 10.  So much for 50,000 words, National Novel Writing Month's goal.

So I got an external hard drive and a new word processing program.  Write 2 is only slightly more advanced than a spiral notebook, which is what I want in a word processing program.  I write a lot of sci-fi and fantasy, which is hell on auto-correct.  Low-tech is exactly what I need.

I have no illusions that I will complete the rewrite this month, but signing up on the NaNo site makes me more accountable than just the honor system.  I don't think I can average 1,667 words a day, even though my hours at work have been cut a bit.  Techie Smurf and his family are visiting for an entire week at Thanksgiving, so I whatever I have the day they arrive is pretty much it.  If I can get through the first section of the book, which was 67 pages in the original formatting, I will be very happy.

Don't be surprised if there are long gaps between posts this month.  I'm not going to have the time to cook, much less research, photograph, and write about it.  If I have the urge to post here, it's because I've made something super-yummy that I absolutely have to share.  You won't have to read about whatever I had for dinner unless it's the best thing I've eaten in ages.

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