Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Wild Goose Chase

Grandma Sophie used to make a roast goose for Christmas every couple of years.  (That's the Catholic side of the family.)  One year, I decided to make one for the next generation, because Melody Smurf never knew Grandma Sophie.  This was during one of Writer Smurf's phases when she didn't want Melody to think she was any religion other than Jewish, so we called it Goose Day instead of Christmas.

Back in Charles Dickens' time, people had goose on holidays because it was often cheaper than other forms of meat.  Makes sense, since half of it cooks off as fat.  That's how Bob Cratchit's family could afford one.  Not so much now.  Pavilions wanted $5.50/lb, and Sprouts a slightly more reasonable $5/lb.  Did not even ask at Whole Foods, since they were selling fresh ones in the meat counter.  I could make a lamb roast for less than what a small goose costs.  Were I having more people over, I'd spring for it.

Fast-forward to a 99 Ranch expedition.  Took the cooler so I could go nuts.  I went to the one in Gardena because the Victory Blvd exit in Van Nuys was closed.  Didn't like the store as much, but it was in a decent neighborhood.  They didn't have any geese, so I picked up a frozen duck because they were only 2.99/lb.  I got a few other things that would be impossible to get anywhere else and called it a day.

Friday was my final shopping day, because I knew it would be nuts at every market until Christmas.  Got a 6-pack of quail at Sprouts.  That's two per person, which I hope is enough.  I've never cooked quail, and I don't think I've even tasted it before.  This will be an adventure.

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