Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Thanksgiving Debriefing

My evil plan worked!  Actually, it worked a little too well.  The turkey was done an hour before I expected, so I kept it warm at 200º until it was time to put in the casseroles.

I had bought food for eight, then a few people decided to have dinner with their relatives (how dare they), so there were more leftovers than expected.  Not complaining, and I somehow managed to lose a pound over the past week, despite having a "Thanksgiving" dinner every night since Thursday and pumpkin pie for breakfast three days in a row.  Can't say enough about portion control.

After taking great pains to keep the majority of the meal meat-free, the vegetarian decided to have some turkey.  Not only that, she ate one of the legs!  There was more than enough, and I still have small pieces for at least one casserole.  That is, if Princess doesn't con me out of them first.  When the claws come out, you're more likely to feed the cat table scraps.

I'm really thinking that I need to make the green bean casserole more often.  Why do we only eat it once a year?  It isn't even difficult to make!

I braved the mall early on Black Friday, mostly for essentials I had needed for some time but was waiting for a good sale to buy.  It was funny to see all the people who weren't used to being up and out at 4:30am.  I got a couple of promo buttons at JCPenney.  One was of cranberry sauce out of the can, with the ridges intact!  That one is going up on my pin collection.

Once my jury duty is done, I'll be able to set aside time for some real cooking and recipe posts.  I'm crossing my fingers that no one wants to seat a jury the week after Thanksgiving.

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