Thursday, November 1, 2012


Writer Smurf told me about National Novel Writing Month several years ago.  The point of it is to write a book from start to finish in a month.  No stops, no editing, just get a story out of your head and onto the medium of your choice in thirty days.  Ideally, you also hit the word goal.

For my first attempt, I'm kind of cheating.  I started to rewrite the first book I ever finished several years ago, and never got past page 10.  Then my hard drive imploded and erased the ten pages.  It's a decent story, but the writing style is awful.  It reads like a textbook instead of a novel.  I'm going to use NaNoWriMo as a way to focus what passes for my spare time and restart the rewrite.  I don't expect to finish it, but it would be nice to create some momentum and a habit of writing at least half an hour a day.  That's about twice as long as I spend on blog posts (excluding cooking), so I know I can find the time if I really want to.

What that means for The Yellow Apron is that I'm not going to have time to cook as many interesting dishes or write many posts.  I don't know why they picked November for this project.  It's a short month with a major holiday in it.  August would have been a much better choice.

So, assuming my new hard drive makes it through the month, I'll have a lot more recipes in December.  Posting just might be a bit scarce for a few weeks.

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