Sunday, July 15, 2012

Part VIII: Party Time!

They say that it takes about a year to recover from a traumatic, life-altering event and to start socializing again.  I had gotten to that point after my mom died, then Papa Smurf died.  It has been a bit more than a year since that, and I am seriously in the mood to come out of my funk and entertain.  To me, catering any size or type of gathering is a welcome challenge and a labor of love.  Let's face it, making food for others is a way of nourishing souls as well as bodies.  Offering your hospitality is a means of sharing yourself with friends and family.  Plus, it's also a challenge to make menus that no one in this particular group has seen before.  (I confess to reusing successful menus for an event when none of the guests overlap.)

For this section, I'll go into the various aspects of a home party.  Regardless of the situation, some things remain constant for all non-renting-out-a-place-and-a-caterer events.  From ordering in pizza to a six-course extravaganza, the same kinds of considerations must be made.

Just remember to have fun.  It's a party!

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