Thursday, May 31, 2012

Window Garden

I have a lovely greenhouse window with southern exposure in the kitchen, but it is merely a landing spot for tchotchkes and a warm place for the cats to hang out.  I got a packet of basil seeds in the mail from the March of Dimes (I get weird freebies from charities, and am the queen of notepads), and decided to start a window herb garden.

Keeping in mind last year's vegetable failure (although the artichoke plant is still alive and may be growing a flower), and how much Molly likes to chew on things in the window, I'm starting with just the one packet of seeds.  I'm not buying anything.  I'm also planting some of the seeds outside by the lemon tree, where I ripped out a bush last year and never planted anything new.

Since I can't seem to eradicate the dandelions in the front yard, I decided to grow a crop.  If I can't grow weeds intentionally in a pot filled with Miracle-Gro, then I officially have no gardening skills.  I assume all you do to seed it is blow a head of seeds over the soil.  If it works, I'll make some things with dandelion greens in a week or two.  That pot is staying outside.  The basil is the only one in the window.

It is very late in the season to be planting seeds, so I don't know if anything will be able to take root before it gets hot.  California's June Gloom may be enough to keep the basil from withering before 4th of July.  I would love to make recipes with fresh basil, just to use a fresh herb for once.

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