Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Spring Break

Just taking a short trip to Philly for Passover/ my birthday/ help Techie Smurf and his family settle into their new home.  Linus is coming with me.  They lost one of their cats and really want the most loving, snuggling, purring, 13-pound cat you've ever met.  (And that's down from 18 pounds this time last year.)  I'm the one who has to take him on a six-hour flight, but I'll get a lot more sleep without him kneading on my head at night.  And the girl cats will be much happier without an alpha male eating all their food.
I'm going where?
Since he's the most expensive carry-on ever, I can't take my computer.  I've pre-scheduled enough posts that you won't miss me, but they aren't Passover-themed.  For some holiday ideas, please see the "Passover" section of the recipe index.  Some of my favorites:

Have a great week!

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