Friday, March 2, 2012

Houseguest Leftovers

Techie, Writer, and Melody Smurf spent the week here.  I stocked up on meat, fish, fresh fruits, veggies, and other healthy meal-making items.  Except for Fondue night and one chicken dinner, we ate out.

I did end up throwing out some of the Chinese we brought home because it had been close to a week, but I'm determined to eat the rest in some fashion.  The fondue leftovers made a stir-fry that tasted almost exactly like a Benihana dinner.  The fondue cheese is tonight's shells & cheese dinner.  We were sensible when ordering Cuban take-out, but there was still enough left for me to have three small lunches.  I did get to use most of the last loaf of Stollen on French toast one morning.

And then there's the bag of corn chips.  I don't buy chips, other than the occasional Veggie chips.  They're just sitting on the counter, daring me to dig in.  They're marginally better for me than the cakes I've been making for tea.

As soon as the leftovers are gone, I'll make the crab salad that I was originally going to post today.

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