Sunday, October 3, 2010

Part II: Baking Season

The pantry is finally under control. There will still be some asterisks, but most of what's left is things I actually use.

I have always loved to cook, and especially to bake. I remember the cookie weekend every fall at Grandma Sophie's. Hours of baking. My brother and I would diligently decorate all the sugar cookies before they went in the oven. I made Saturday pancakes from scratch starting around age 10. In culinary school, I quickly realized that I preferred bread baking to pastries, what the French refer to as a boulangere, as opposed to a patissiere. However, once in a while, the spirit does move me to create something unfortunately decadent. I'm just really bad at cake decorating.

I'm still going to post meal-related recipes, but all sorts of fattening goodies are going to make it in here before it's time to bake those holiday treats.

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