Sunday, September 6, 2015

Summer Picnic at Home

It was hot in late August, as it often is.  Combined with closing shifts and not having time to cook, I decided to do a picnic-style dinner.  Sprouts carries pre-made patés.  They also had cantaloupes on sale for 48¢ each.  A wedge of brie, a loaf of fresh bread, and some pre-cooked mini eggplants later, I had the fixings for a no-cook meal that only needed some red wine to make it elegant.

If this looks like a lot of food on the plate, it was.  It was a nice snack-style assortment of fruit, veggie, meat, and dairy.  This is the kind of meal you eat slowly, enjoying the contrasts in flavor and texture.

I hope everyone enjoyed their summer.

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