Saturday, June 20, 2015


My first cucumbers were ready when I got home from vacation.  That was when I realized I had no idea how to tell if a cucumber was ripe (because they're green) and had to look it up online.  That was when I also found out I was supposed to be growing them on a trellis.  Bit too late for that.  Oops.  Readjusted the vines on the rocky rim of the pond.

I also found out that "real" cucumbers have little prickly spines on them.  The ones in the market are scrubbed smooth and covered in a light coating of wax.

That fat, light colored one on the top is a touch over-ripe.  Supposedly, that makes them bitter.  I have never found cucumbers to be all that bitter, probably because I usually have them with some kind of vinegar or other dressing.

Normally, I don't bother peeling cucumbers.  I plan to peel every one of these prickly little suckers.  It was bad enough getting stuck for a moment when I picked the first one.  Not getting that in my mouth.

I sliced up the best-looking one into sunomono.  I did taste a slice before adding the dressing, and they're a tiny bit sweeter and crisper than the ones in the market.  Makes sense, when they're fresh off the vine.

I hope I have at least one more ready to pick next week for my tea party.  I'll probably have some more peas by then.  Haven't decided if I'll share those or have a personal snack time.

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