Monday, March 23, 2015

Three Green Berries

My boysenberry plant continues its slow growth into a full bush.  This is another one of those multi-year gardening projects.  Once the plant has a year to reach its full potential, I should have a decent crop.  This year, the berries will be few, small, and probably not as delicious as next year's.  I still plan to try them once they ripen.

Artie is developing his main bud for the year, with three baby buds already by his side.  All that horrendous heat at the beginning of the month was good for something.  The plant is probably near the end of its life, but I'm hoping to get one more year out of it.

The spinach didn't like the heat as much and have bolted (gardening term for flowering), but the plants are reasonably healthy and I can use some of the leaves as bitter herb for Passover.  Maybe I'll make a bouquet of mint, spinach, and basil flower stems for an aromatic centerpiece.

I'm trying to decide what to plant in Kale's spot from last year.  I want to take another stab at corn, but I'm not sure that's the best place for it.  If I do it in the pond garden, it's going to take over the whole area.  Maybe some other full-sun vegetable, or even another kale.  I'll decide when I go to the gardening store in a couple of days for plant food and more Neem oil.  Stupid tomato worms.

In sad gardening news, I think Gus has died.  It just never got moist enough for him to winter over, and I don't think I gave him enough root space to start with.  As usual, I won't rip out the roots, just in case. It's in a corner I'm not likely to use for anything except herbs, anyway.

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