Thursday, February 19, 2015

An Extra Thanksgiving

I deboned the turkey that I bought in November.  It took a lot longer than I remember, mainly because the phone kept ringing.  Then I had to make a conference call, and the handyman came over to finish putting my back room back together, and….
I made a stuffing of wild rice, celery, and onion.  Tied up back together, it weighs about 8 pounds and I have a gallon ziplock of bones in the freezer for whenever I want to make turkey stock.  I expect to divide the bird into what I can eat in four days and freeze the rest for some time I don't feel like cooking.

So much for eating healthy spa food for my vacation.  I made the rice-stuffed turkey, a green bean casserole, yams, and a fruitcake to use up the last of the candied fruit from December.  This morning, I decided I wanted bacon and apple pancakes.  Tomorrow, I'm going to make a babka and a Friday challah.  Oh, and the handyman brought over a pizza he didn't plan to finish, so there went my plan to have a piece of fruit and some bread and cheese for lunch.

On the other hand, I started wearing a pedometer last weekend and found out that I take about 15,000 steps on work days and at least 6,000 on my days off.  That puts me squarely in the not-as-much-of-a-couch-potato-as-I-thought-I-was camp.  No wonder I seem able to eat when I'm hungry and not put on weight.  It's when I eat when I'm not hungry that I get in trouble.

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