Saturday, December 6, 2014

Good to Go

So, in getting back to my non-NaNo routine, I kind of forgot to post here.  To be fair, the only thing even remotely interesting I've made since the last post was a kale and wild rice side dish, and I don't see any point in posting my fourth thing to do with kale and grains.

It rained last weekend!  Around here, that's a big thing.  And it rained over an inch.  To my relief, the vegetable garden did not turn back into a pond.  Whatever I did to the drainage is working, so I'll start checking out what's good for a winter garden around here.  Last year's assorted lettuce worked out nicely.  I'll see what the garden store has.

There are two recipes coming up that I definitely want to make, and I'll see what inspiration I get tomorrow at the market for other posts.  Maybe I'll come upon a new cookie recipe to try when the Times puts out its annual top ten.

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