Thursday, August 7, 2014

Barbecued Kale Chips

I'm not a fan of potato salad.  It's the mayo.  If I can taste mayo more than something to hold everything else together, I don't like the whole thing.  Paradoxically, I don't like German potato salad either, specifically because it doesn't have mayo.

So I needed something else to have with my burgers.  Hey, there's a kale plant in my front yard!  And I hadn't trimmed it in a while.  Meaning, if this didn't work, I still had plenty left to do a more traditional oven version.

Really, this isn't much different than the average kale chip recipe done in the oven, you just leave the stems on while cooking so they're easier to turn.
*4 leaves of kale (or 8 if they're as small as mine), stems intact
2 Tb olive oil
salt or other seasonings for dusting

1.  Trim stems close, then rub leaves with olive oil until thoroughly coated.

2.  Line a spot on the grill with foil.  I did this originally so they wouldn't stick to the grill or fall through.  At one point, one of the leaves was hanging over the edge of the foil and caught fire, so I guess this is a necessary step to avoid kale flambé.  Place leaves on preheated barbecue grill and roast until crisp and slightly browned, turning every few minutes to avoid burning or catching fire.  This may take up to half an hour, but every grill is different.

3.  Dust with salt, garlic, chili powder, or whatever else sounds good at the time.  Either cut leaves from center ribs or serve whole and let everyone tear off as they go.

Difficulty rating  π

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