Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Prosciutto e Melone

This is a classic Italian appetizer.  Mixing sweet, juicy cantaloupe with the salty, leathery prosciutto and drizzling it with the light bite of lime juice makes a refreshing and satisfying appetizer for a summer meal.  Some recipes also call for balsamic vinegar as a dressing, but I thought that might take away from the other flavors.  As much as I love the stuff, it does tend to overpower.

1 small cantaloupe
1 3 to 5 oz package prosciutto
2 Tb lime juice

1.  Cut prosciutto into 1"-wide strips.  Figure out how many you have, so you can make that many slices out of the melon.

2.  Cut stem and flower ends off melon, then cut in half.  Scoop out seeds (ice cream scoops are great for this) and place cut-side down on cutting board.  Carefully pare off rind until you have a naked melon.  Repeat with other half, then slice into needed number of wedges.

3.  Wrap each slice around a melon wedge, then arrange on serving platter.  I did them standing up, but there's nothing wrong with laying them on their sides.  Drizzle arrangement with the lime juice and serve.

Makes about 12, depending on prosciutto

Difficulty rating  π

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