Saturday, March 23, 2013

Passover 2013 (5773)

I didn't realize how hard it is to scare up enough Jews to have a Seder.  Everyone gets into their own family thing and doesn't want to do something different.  Mostly, they have fears that it is going to be a very long service.  I've been stuck at a couple of those.  Then there are the folks that skip too much and miss the key elements.

A few years ago, I wrote my own Passover Haggadah.  It's color-coded.  If you only do the essential elements in black print, and it's not Shabbat or Havdalah, the whole pre-meal clocks in at about half an hour, with ten minutes after dinner.

For the most part, I recycled recipes that are already on the blog.  If you know something works, there's no reason to change when it comes to traditional meals.

The amount of time until my next post will depend on the amount of leftovers.

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