Sunday, September 16, 2012

Cleaning out the Crisper

I hate wasting food.  Maybe it goes back to the "starving children in China" mantra I had to deal with as a young child.  (Where are children starving nowadays?)  You can freeze meat and bread, but produce and dairy must be used in some fashion before they are past their prime.

I had a drawer-full off good intentions going bad.  The celery was already limp, and some of the other items were threatening to join it.  I had been eating meat too often anyway, and decided to spend a week with vegetarian dinners.

The remaining asparagus and swiss cheese from the tea became a full-sized quiche, topped with chia seeds to improve the fiber and protein content.  Everything else went into the blender with some tomato sauce.  Gazpacho is great, because nowadays fancy chefs make it out of all sorts of things and sell it for $8 a bowl in restaurants.  Veggies in a blender.

Next time all that fresh produce you bought starts to go bad, consider alternatives to giving up: quiche, gazpacho, stir-fry, hot vegetable soup, or even as part of a stew.  Eat your veggies.  They're good for you.

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