Friday, July 22, 2011

First harvest

I never thought it would happen, but the tomatoes finally ripened!  It started when the sun came out more than three hours one day.  The first ones I picked totaled up to a whopping four ounces.  That's about 50¢ in the market.  And they weren't much bigger than grape tomatoes.  I did pick them too soon, and they were kind of, shall we say, solid.  I waited until they had been red for a couple of days after that.

Mainly, I'm glad they ripened at all before the plant died.  All that enthusiasm and optimism after the first few weeks is turning into the familiar "killed it again" mantra.  I've gotten 22 ounces of tomatoes off the plant, and a few green ones are still hanging on for dear life.

After  a slow start, the eggplants started growing very well.  Then that plant also started dying.

The corn is nowhere near the height of an elephant's eye, so I thought it was a bust.  Then, on the same day, they all started to bud, or whatever those tassel-like things are.  Guess I'm growing pygmy corn.  Except for the one stalk that someone - possibly the gardener - stepped on.  And the other stalk that flat-out died.

So, my $40 investment has resulted in maybe $3 worth of tomatoes.  Maybe I should just stick to pulling gigantic lemons off the well-established lemon tree.

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