Thursday, June 16, 2011

Deviled Eggs

Deviled eggs are a summer favorite.  Some versions are very complex, but I like mine basic.  I also keep them fairly low fat by using a soy-based mayo substitute.  You cannot taste the difference.

You can buy plastic deviled-egg plates at party stores that look almost as nice as glass ones.  There are also cases, so you can take them to picnics.

When making a large number, at least a dozen, you can put the filling in a pastry bag with a flower tip and squirt it into the hole for a pretty effect.  There is also nothing wrong with spooning it for a rustic look.

4 hard boiled eggs
2 Tb mayonnaise
salt & paprika to taste

1.  Slice eggs in half and pop out yolks.  Arrange whites on an egg platter.

2.  Either with a fork or electric beater, mash yolks.  Beat in mayo, salt, and a touch of paprika until the mixture is very smooth.

3.  Fill egg whites with yolk mixture.  Dust with paprika and serve chilled.

Difficulty rating  :)

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