Saturday, August 21, 2010


My can opener and Cuisinart are either feeling very loved, or are going to rise up in the middle of the night and come after me.

Tapenade is basically seasoned olives, and amazingly easy to make. The ingredients are somewhat specialized, and not cheap. This recipe is from my Garde Manger textbook. Being a professional recipe, it makes 1 quart of tapenade. That works for large parties, but you should cut it down for smaller gatherings. Since anchovies are usually sold in 2 oz tins, I recommend cutting it in quarters. Personally, I found it too salty and heavy on the anchovies, but that can be good for an appetizer dip. Plus, I tend to eat low-salt, so I'm hypersensitive to it.

*12 oz Niçoise olives, pitted
*8 oz black olives, pitted
8 oz salt-packed (not oil) anchovy fillets, rinsed and dried
6 oz capers, rinsed
*4 oz minced garlic
*lemon juice as needed
ground pepper to taste
*extra-virgin olive oil as needed

1. In food processor, combine all ingredients, incorporating lemon juice and oil slowly. Blend until chunky and easily spread. Do not over mix; there should be texture, and identifiable bits of olive. The lemon juice and oil should not create a soup; they are a dressing.

For a super-easy and vegetarian version, buy chopped black olives, minced garlic in a jar, and the smallest capers you can find. Omit the anchovies, add a bit of salt, and stir the ingredients instead of using the processor.

Difficulty rating  π

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